Young Women in Law was founded by ten young female lawyers to promote and support young women in the legal profession.

When we entered the legal community as articling students, we began to investigate membership opportunities with organizations dedicated to the promotion of young female professionals. More specifically, we were interested in joining an organization geared towards young women in law, as we were concerned about the issues faced by women new to the profession, and in particular, the poor retention of female lawyers in private practice.

Gender representation in the legal landscape has changed dramatically over the years, with women now comprising approximately fifty percent of young lawyers entering the profession each year. This is, no doubt, an accomplishment. However, changes in the attitudes, cultures and practices that pervade the legal profession have not always kept pace with the changes in gender representation.

There is no doubt that the challenges of women in the profession are at the forefront of the mind of the legal community. And although there are several projects underway to address these issues, YWL has been established to create an opportunity for young women to become a part of the dialogue. We would like to provide a forum and a platform for discussion to women at the outset of their careers – women who have the potential to be the future of the profession. This was our motivation for creating YWL.