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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Young Women in Law?

What is YWL’s mission?

Why should I join the YWL?

What are my member benefits?

When can I start to use my member benefits?

Who can join the YWL?

How do I join the YWL?

What is YWL’s membership year?

Are my fees tax deductible?

Can I renew my membership online?

What is the YWL Charity Gala?

What is the coaching program?

I have an idea for an event, who do I contact?

Young Women in Law (YWL) is a Not for Profit Organization for women lawyers in their early stages of practice.  YWL acts as a central forum for women to connect, enhance their skills, and give back to their community.

Young Women in Law’s mission is to:

1. encourage and promote the welfare and interests of young female lawyers
2. provide services, activities, and facilities which address the needs of young female lawyers
3. encourage young female lawyers to use their legal education to give back to their communities, and
4. create an environment for networking opportunities among young female lawyers.

Our goal is to facilitate dialogue, learning, and ultimately, change.

Membership with the YWL helps you enhance your career and hone your skills as a young female lawyer.  We are committed to giving you the resources you need to improve your financial well-being, work life balance, networking skills, social intelligence and much more.

Membership benefits includes:

  • an active network of hundreds of women in their early stages of practice
  • exclusive access to Members Only events
  • free and exclusive access to the YWL Coaching Program 
  • significantly reduced event fees
  • coordinated opportunities to volunteer and give back to your community
  • subscription to the YWL Scoop
  • bonus promotional benefits from YWL partners and sponsors

You can begin to enjoy the benefits of membership in the YWL as soon as your payment has been processed and your membership is approved by the Director of Membership.

Membership is reserved for female lawyers qualified to practice anywhere in Canada, NCA Candidates and articling students in the process if being accredited as a lawyer anywhere in Canada.  

You may join YWL anytime throughout the year.  Join online now.

Your YWL membership will run one year from the date of registration of your membership.

Generally, the Canada Revenue Agency does not allow Canadians to deduct membership fees for professional associations unless the membership is a mandatory requirement to retain your professional status recognized by the law.

Yes.  You will receive an email invoice before your dues are due.  You can then click on the link in the invoice to pay your dues online.

Each Spring, YWL organizes a charity gala with a fabulous keynote speaker.  The event is the biggest event of the year and boasts a magnificent venue, music, wine and appetizers, silent auction and swag bag.  All proceeds of the YWL Charity Gala go to the charity of the keynote speaker’s choice.  Be sure not to miss this amazing event!

This Members Only program will offer members the chance to connect one-on-one with certified coaches on a variety of topics at no additional cost.  Click here to learn more.

Please contact us here.

Young Women in Law (YWL) is a not for profit organization for women lawyers in their early stages of practice.

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