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about YWL

Who We Are

Young Women in Law (YWL) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to provide young women lawyers in their early stages of practice with a platform and the tools to connect with other lawyers, enhance their skills and give back to their community. YWL also provides support to young women lawyers as they navigate the early stages of their career, seek to make career transitions and strive to balance work with their personal life.

YWL hosts several networking events throughout the year to provide our members with opportunities to meet and establish connections with other YWL members, develop and enhance life and career skills, and get special access to conferences and deals offered by our strategic partners.  Explore our events >>

Mission Statement

Young Women in Law’s (YWL) strives to facilitate dialogue, learning, and ultimately, change.

Our mission is to:

Encourage and support female lawyers to obtain positions of influence and leadership within their workplace, the legal profession, and the community.

Engage all members of the profession to create conversation and dialogue about issues facing female lawyers.

Provide networking and collaboration opportunities for female lawyers in both social and professional environments.

Promote the retention of women in the legal profession.

Encourage female lawyers to use their legal education to give back to their communities.

Assist female lawyers in their personal and professional lives.

Young Women in Law (YWL) is a not for profit organization for women lawyers in their early stages of practice.

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